Lutheran Campus Ministry is honored to offer two scholarships to students!

Application Deadline is September 5, 2023


Kohn-Hutter Scholarship


Allye Kohn's family migrated to the United States from Germany. Her father was a baker who started up Kohn's Pan Dandy Bread. John Hutter's family were native Austinites who owned Hutter's General Store. John and Allye Kohn-Hutter were life members of St. Martin's Lutheran Church in Austin, Texas. The scholarship fund has been established under their joint Will for "worthy Lutheran Students attending the University of Texas at Austin."


Amount of Scholarships

Scholarship awards up to $3,000 per academic year, but not exceeding an aggregated amount of $12,000 for the student's school career, may be granted to any worthy Lutheran student, subject to Committee Approval and availability of funds.

Terms, Policies, and Regulations


  1. A scholarship grant may be made to a student only if the student is a member of a Lutheran Church when the student applies for the scholarship grant, as certified by a pastor of a Lutheran Church or Synodically Authorized Worship Community (SAWC), in writing, accompanying the application. (LuMin receives its SAWC status from the Southwestern Texas Synod)
  2. Student must attend the University of Texas at Austin.
  3. Student must be classified as a full-time student (12 hours for undergraduate or 9 hours for graduate).
  4. Student must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 and provide an academic report ( or if incoming freshman, must have a minimum overall "B" (85) average at gradation and provide an original, official copy of high school transcript.
  5. Funds received from the scholarship must be used only to maintain the student while attending the University of Texas at Austin.

The recipients will be chosen on the basis of the following criteria:

Financial Need

Citizenship/Character - activities, accomplishments, and recommendation

Academic Achievement



If scholarship is to cover more than one semester's needs, the proceeds may be disbursed in two equal amounts; one in August and one in December. Funding will be made directly to the University of Texas at Austin.

You cannot save your work online. Review the information you need, prepare your answers, and have your two reference letters and a letter from your congregation affirming your membership available to submit electronically in Word format along with your application, before you complete the online application.


The scholarship is competitive, thus the more complete and noteworthy answers to questions 16-19 are very important in determining the amount of scholarship awards. The application is due August 30th, 2022.


You must have an academic report (or if you're an incoming freshman, an official, original high school transcript) mailed or delivered to us by the application due date.


Leon G. Bohls Scholarship


The Leon G. Bohls Family Scholarship is to honor the Leon G. Bohls family's commitment to the importance of faith in education and education in faith. Leon G. Bohls graduated from the University of Texas in 1935 and both he and his wife, Kay, were active supporters of many UT activities. Various members of the Bohls family have graduated from UT, including their four sons, Kent, Kirk, Randy and Rodney who were actively involved with Lutheran Campus Ministry while UT students. Five grandchildren also have graduated from the University of Texas. The Bohls family originally came from Germany in 1844, bringing their Lutheran tradition with them. Leon was active in farming and ranching in Taylor, Texas and very involved in the community and his congregation, St. Paul Lutheran. It was first awarded in Spring 2007.


The Spring 2021 Award will in the amount of $500 awarded to an active student in Lutheran Campus Ministry leadership. The Bohls application form is based on the “Kohn-Hutter” application on this website, but is less extensive.


To apply for the Bohls Scholarship, you must have applied for the Kohn-Hutter Scholarship. Since the Bohls Scholarship is for students already active in LCM UT Austin, please email us  in a separate email at least 5-10 sentences completing the statement: "Lutheran Campus Ministry is important to me because...."